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Module Conveyors

    Module Conveyor is a machine which in a certain line of continuous conveying material, it can be divided into mesh belt and network chain. Module conveyor transport capacity, long distance, and complete some eperations in the delivery process. The conveyor can be achieved level, tilt and vertical transport, and can be set up the baffle around the line. It is a supplement to the traditional conveyor, which overcomes the shortcomings of belt tearing, piercing and corrosion, providing customers with a safe, fast and easy way to maintain. As the mesh belt conveyor using modular mesh belt, and convey the way using sprocket drive, so the conveyor belt is not easy to snake, deviation, and because the mesh can be hard to withstand cutting, collision, and oil, water and other characteristics, Maintenance cost. Because using different materials of the mesh belt, it can play a different transport role and to meet the needs of differetn condition. Module conveyor is widely used in beverage bottles, cosmetics, food and other industries transport.
Module Conveyors
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